Question Stupid Windows 10 decided to switch "default communication device" randomly and I lost 1hour long of recording without audio/sound


Apr 11, 2019
I'm using a headphone and a speakers on my windows 10 computer, randomly today it seems retarded Win10 did switched my both devices as default communication device and default device, however problem is, when this both selected on both devices, OBS does not record sound (obs audio settings are in correct order, only one device enabled as default) I found when my desired device is selected as "default device" then obs record audio with no problems, so one have to be unselected and only one should be selected as default device, because as far as I understand default comm device does no difference in sound in general speaking and I have no idea what that setting does in the first place. Both devices are enabled all times thats no problem, problem is one of the should always selected as default device so obs can record sound from game. But braindead windows 10 and their unwashed makers always HAVE TO mess up something in their OSs, now I lost like 1 hour long recording with no sound whatso ever and I cannot replay that clip anytime soon in game,

One more reason we have to get Bill Gates back to the company because new CEO destroying Windows one by one