Question Stutter and constant dips in games on a 3080 unless I force maximum performance through the Nvidia control panel


Nov 7, 2019
This has been happening since I got the 3080 some 2 months ago. In the default state where it's trying to downclock whenever a game isn't demanding, there are constant fps dips, I'm guessing all the time when the card is modifying the clock frequency. If I force maximum performance for a game through nvidia control panel, this is drastically reduced or goes away entirely unless the game itself has stuttering issues, but I don't want to do this unless it's necessary as it forces the GPU to run at higher power draw/temps/fan speeds. I don't think my old 1080 Ti was behaving this way although for the past year it was nearly always maxed out as I'm playing at 4k, so I can't exactly remember how it perform in these situations.

This issue is the most prominent with games that max out the card only in some scenes, but are far easier to run in others so the GPU has to make adjustments from say, 1450mhz to 1950mhz. In lighter indie games where it never comes close to maximum out, this fps stutter/dips don't happen nearly as much. Is this normal behavior and is there a way to fix this without having to force max performance in every game where this is happening?

I'm using the recent drivers and a fresh Windows install, so none of that should be causing the issue. The CPU is 5600x and I'm running stuff off of Sata and NVMe SSDs with 16GB 3200mhz RAM.