Question Stuttering and long boot time

Jun 27, 2021
My pc specs are :
GPU: ASUS TUF 5700xt OC edition
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x
RAM: G.SKILL AEGIS 2x8gb 3200mhz
MOBO: AsRock B450M-HDV
SSD: crucial p1 500gb m.2 nvme
PSU: Seasonic 620W bronze

Whenever I try to download/update my AMD radeon software/drivers, my computer starts stuttering, it's very noticeable and doesn't disappear until I start the system either from windows repair mode or wait a few minutes before even touching my computer (note: my computer takes around 13 minutes to boot which is another problem I need to solve). The stutter isn't present if it disappears unless my system requires an update for the software. This started at around march, when my power turned off during a windows update after which BIOS wouldn't boot but that issue got fixed by taking out 1 ram stick, booting, and then booting again with both sticks in, this has happened two or three times since the first time, all of them due to driver failures or overheating (1 was a bluescreen with the error message KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED) while playing games . Also, while the stutter is present, I am not able to shut down my pc from the OS, I have to forcibly shut it down via the power button. My windows is up-to-date since I reset my pc hoping this would fix the problem. Right now I don't have any PCI drivers since I cannot download the radeon software (error message 1603). Before the reset all my drivers were up-to-date except my radeon software because of this issue.
Note: I have tried sfc /scannow, DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and chkdsk /f
Any suggestions?


May 7, 2018
I encountered both of these issues a while back, my stuttering was my cpu being overclocked too much and let to a bsod, for the long boot time, do all your hard drives work? When one of my hard drives failed, my system was trying to access a dead drive and gave up after 15 minutes, I plugged it out and it was fixed.