Question stuttering, frame time spikes etc in all my games new RTX 2070

Nov 29, 2018
as the title says from the get-go i have been having serious stuttering problem in all of my games, first, i thought it was a game specific problem like AC Origins, Shadow of the Tomb Raider but as i kept on testing it was pretty much in every single game, i've tried pretty much everything suggested on the net updating drivers, testing rams with memo test, xmp on/off, new win install, disabling every Microsoft background apps, ram cache clearing, whole system scan by Malwarebytes everything but here I'm with hands-on my depressed head, thought of rma'ing the card then i thought even if a new card doesn't fix it

System Spc
CPU: i5 8600K @4.5Ghz 1.25 volt with LLC medium (and yes i even tried with non-OC too) (Ran 12 hours of prime95 with this OC)
RAM: Corsair 8x2 16GB 3200MHz kit
Mobo: Z390 Aorus Elite
SSD: 250GB Samsung EVO Boot Manager
HDD: 160GB Hitachi, 2TB WD Blue
GFX:Aorus RTX 2070 Xtreme

AC Origin BM Result View: