Stuttering gameplay even after reapplying thermal paste

manhatti Zee

Dec 14, 2013
I had a massive stutter issue with my MSI AMD RX 480 8GB GPU, It lasted for about 2 months, I tried everything in those two months in order to locate the problem and fix it, but everything failed, after that I finally decided to open the backplate to take a look on the thermal paste condition and reapply it. after reapplying the thermal paste, my GPU actually worked like it should....for 2 days.

I'm still getting same stutter as before, 0.5 second interval,

fps dips are = whatever highest fps - 15 to 20. (Ex. 80-20=60) So it looks like GPU is throttling down the performance for some reason. I tried reducing the FPS manually to 40 using AMD Chill tool in Radeon relive, and it seems like the stutter stops within that range, but im not sure after all this mess, and I dont want to play games with 40 FPS forever with a GPU like this.

But, CSGO, DOTA 2, These two games have been exception to this stutter though, before and after I reapplied the thermal paste. I think the high performance consuming games (DOOM 2016, Far Cry 4, Dark Souls 3, Black Mesa, Rust, Nier Automata) are the ones stuttering, but they also stutter on the lowest settings possible, which I dont understand how.

I'm going to reapply the thermal paste, and see if it changes anything. Meanwhile I'm asking you guys for guidance. Thanks!

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