Stuttering in games(due to low ram, or cpu bottleneck?)

Feb 1, 2019
Few months ago i gathered up some muns and decided to make myself a better pc. With luck i found some good deals on the parts listed below( my budget was quite low and also pc parts are really expensive in my country, even second hand). After i had them all and finally built and started my pc to test some games i saw a lot of stuttering, no matter what the settings i was running the games on.
I was searching on the internet for problems similar to mine and maybe im thinking its something related to my low amount of ram or a cpu bottleneck, maybe even because my gpu doesnt get enough power from my PSU.
Could someone just help me find the problem and a solution to it?

My pc specs are:
CPU: G4560
GPU: GTX 970
MOBO: Gigabyte Z270 HD3P
RAM: 4GB Hyperx Fury Black 2400Mhz
PSU: 500W Myria My8705
HDD: 1TB Hitachi
You got to give us more info on th knid of stutter you get but in general yes,only 4Gb and a pagefile on a simple HDD would cause a lot of lag becuase the system would use the hdd every time it runs out of memory,which would be all the time.


Jul 28, 2018
agreed with the above , windows running takes up about 25% of your ram with 8GB so four is going to really crush you.
Most Games will take up 4 to 5 gb of ram if they can so leaving nothing to run the operating system as well.
so splitting the two between 4gb is the problem.
your CPU and GPU should give you a decent medium settings on most fairly recent titles.
It would help to know which games but 8gb RAM has been the minimum recommended for a gaming PC for many years now. Most of not all AAA games from the last few years will either have a minimum or recommend of 8gb.

However even upgrading to 8gb you will struggle with some games due to running a dual core cpu.