Question Stuttering in hp laptop

May 30, 2019
Hi, I have a hp pavilion gaming 15, and in almost all games, even if in games like League of Legends, that are really easy to run because of its requirements, i have micro stutters. It´s like the game stops for half of a second, but it bothers me a lot, it happens randomly, or between cutscenes of the game. My laptop has this:
i5 6300hq
gtx 950m
8 gb ddr3 1600mhz
HDD: toshiba mq01abd100 5400RPM
Because of this problem, i decided to reinstall windows 10 and delete everything.. As soon as it finished, I installed 2 games, League of Legends and Bayonetta. And it worked, at least a day. Because it worked, i decided to install other programs, such as msi afterburner, firefox, nothing really important, i updated w10, drivers, everything. When i played again, the stuttering was there again.
It´s not my internet cause this happens in single player games too, and even if I lower the settings, it happens, I mean it happens in League of Legends.
One thing i´ve noticed is that for example in Bayonetta, if i play one level, it stutters and everything, but if I play that level again just after playing it, it doesn´t stutter. So this makes me thing it may be the HDD, but according to CrystalDiskInfo the HDD is good, and i´ve tested the speed of it, and it has like 95-100 MB/S
I dont think it can be the RAM, since i´ve seen i only use like 4GB or 5GB while I play those games, I mean i wont play battlefield V in this laptop. The temperatures while i play are like 75 °C, the HDD has a temperature of 45 °C. But the stuttering happens just after i begin playing, even if the CPU is at 50 °C. So i dont know what it is. I´ve already put the battery mode in maximum performance mode.


Dec 29, 2017
Hey Issac,
It's most likely your RAM. The ram in your laptop is pretty outdated and I'm not surprised that it's stuttering. Your laptop probably doesn't support a RAM upgrade, but definitely do look into that.

I'm almost 100% certain that it's a RAM issue.