Apr 30, 2020
Firstly, I'd like to lay out my computer specs:
Ryzen 7 3800x (Purchased in March 2020)
ASUS TUF-GAMING x570 PLUS (Wifi) (Purchased in March 2020)
Corsair Vengeance 2x16 3200Mhz RAM (Purchased in April 2020)
RTX 2080 Super (Purchased in December 2019)
Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 (Purchased in May-ish 2019)
Corsair Rm850X Power Supply (Purchased in 2016)

Now, the issue. Occasionally, my computer with have 3 second periods of stuttering, where my mouse will freeze in place every half-second or so with smooth, normal movement inbetween each stutter. Audio (output and input) stutter as well, and video experiences the same issue alongside this. I've noticed that my CPU usage and wattage will change drastically during these periods. Eventually, after occurring every hour and a half or so, the stutter will start and then continue endlessly until I restart my PC. This "restart required" stutter (This is what we'll call this for now) can take anywhere between 6-14 hours to happen. If I restart my PC using the "Shut Down" or "Restart" options, my computer will stay in a shutdown loop (sometimes leading to a Driver_Power_State_Failure, but drivers don't actually seem to be the issue.)

Here is what the wattages and such look like. The first image is with no stuttering at no load, and the second image is when the stuttering occurs, and stays like this under load and with no load. I am not overclocking any parts of my computer (Minus XMP, obviously), and voltage is set to default.

I have tried:
Updating BIOS
Updating Chipset Drivers
Updating all drivers
Rolling back to previous chipset drivers
Resetting BIOS settings to default
Waiting out the "restart required" stutter (never stops until I restart)
Reinstalling Windows

My PSU runs pretty damn hot whenever in use, and I constantly hear a very faint, but noticeable whining sound whenever playing games, typically when 3D models are rendered (For example, it wont make any noise in the Destiny 2 settings menu, but it WILL stutter if I'm looking at my character preview or if I'm playing the game)

I THINK it might be failing, but whenever these stuttering episodes aren't happening, the computer runs as smooth as butter.

I've also noticed that the "Restart required" stuttering will start automatically when I check for hardware changes in Device Manager. No clue why this happens.

Unfortunately I don't have any PSUs I can try in place of this one to check to see if this truly IS the problem.

Will place edits below this break if I add any updates:

EDIT 1: The stuttering also occurs if I start the computer with Windows' Fast Boot on, and the stuttering didn't occur until after I upgraded from a z270 Taichi and an i7 7700k to an x570 TUF GAMING and a Ryzen 7 3800x. I think the need for a second CPU cable is causing issues... maybe
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Apr 30, 2020
Why? That psu has two EPS connectors so even if you would need it should you have the exra 4 pin connector and that is really only needed when overclocking.

Sounds to me more like motherboard issue or maybe ram incompatibility.
The RAM is perfectly compatible from what I've read about it, Ryzen CPUs work very well with this type of RAM from what I've heard. I also know that's not true since I recently bought new, different RAM, and the issue still occurs. The motherboard is fully updated, and the issue has been occurring before the update as well. It MAY be a possibility, but I can't really buy a new motherboard right now anyway.

Vic 40

If the motherboard might be the problem rma it.

More things change here when usage of watts go up, ram usage goes up and internet usage so soemething is happening so cpu's is more busy and uses more watts, hardly strange.

Think you should look at motherboard or maybe even cpu as culprit since you say you already switched ram. Do not think this is a psu problem.