Stuttering, Just stuttering. i7 8700K GTX 1070 Ti

Sep 19, 2018
Hello! First of all, Sorry for my English!
I don't know, what can I do guys, so I need to ask you...
I just upgraded my PC, from i7 4770, EVGA GTX 970 SC, and 2x4 GB DDR3 RAM.
The new setup is the following: i7 8700K (Stock), Asus Strix ROG GTX 1070 Ti (Stock)
2x4 GB DDR4 2666Mhz RAM, XMP on. (I will upgrade later)
ASRock b360 Pro 4
And, I have massive stuttering in games. Before the new setup, the Rainbow Six Siege ran just smoothly. Now, I can max it out to the maximum, but very rarely it's stutters. Playable, not so annoying. But before I didn't see like that. The RAM usage is okay. The themps are okay too.
Shadow of The Tomb Raider: Maxed out: 80-90 FPS, I use V-sync, sometimes drops down to 58-57 when I entering a new area, the game freezes, But I think it's causes the optimalization.
Ghost Recon Wildlands: If I max it out, can't hold the stable 60 FPS, It's okay but sometimes it's stutters too. The RAM usage still just 70-71%
Battlefield 1: Oooh, This is really anoying, when I spawn or just run forward, sometimes the FPS drops down to 57, but after playing a hour, start massive stuttering, every 10 seconds, at every blowing and when the Match ended, the game just freeze for a few min. I need to restart the game. Yes, the RAM usage here is 90% but before in Win7 The GTA V just holded the Stable 60 FPS with 92%. I know, I need more RAM, but the previous setup didn't act like that... And that was just a DDR3 RAM. Just get stutters in every game, the Rainbow at least is playable.
I tried everything. I tried the EmptyStandBy stuff, I tried set the piority to High, I cleaned the RAM. Changing DX11-12. Lowering the graphics... Shuted down and deleted every useless softwares. Updated the drivers... I did EVERYTHING!
Every hardware is brand new but I think one is broken. I don't know witch one. I can max out the games, and they holding the 100+ FPS, but.. stutters... When the FPS drops, the GPU usage drops down too. Can you send me some programs, how can I test my CPU, VGA etc... Please!
Here is a video I got the similar stuff:
Thank you!
After you swapped MBs and CPUs and RAM, did you do a full reinstall, or simply reboot with new hardware, let it detect, and install drivers?

Try a quick format, full fresh install...(gather/install all required chipset drivers and then GPU driver packages ahead of time, you don't want default MS drivers anywhere where others are available...)

There was a Win7 reference in earlier system, but, as you did not state you are using Win10, I will remind that Win10 would be required for newest chipset/CPU support.
And what are you using for a CPU cooler?

start HWMonitor after bootup, start/play games for 10 minutes, and see what peak core/package temps were achieved...

Alternatively, run P95 blended FFTs for 15 minutes (no need for even more stressful small FFTs), and check peak temps, as long as under 85C, then you are for sure not throttling in less stressful gaming loads...)

Make sure WIndows power mngmt is at least in Balanced mode (Never saw an advantage to High Performance, as my 7700K ramps up to full clock for duration of gaming, then ramps back down to 800-1200 MHz afterward with no issues); see if perhaps there are any Economy vs High Performance settings in BIOS that might be limiting CPU clock speeds due to power concerns...
Sep 19, 2018

MDD, Did you think of this?
I think the temps jumping 3-10 degrees, I don't know... But it's always under 50°c. I played Battlefield trought 1 hour, and the CPU temp was max' 50c.
And I noticed, the game started some stutters, when I reached the 7100+MB but I still have 1GB, I played GTA V smoothly before this with 91% RAM usage.
And what about the Rainbow? That game don't need 8 GB RAM.
under 50C during a gaming load would make me suspect you are stuck in some sort of economy/pwer saving mode somewhere, if not in WIndows power mngmt, then perhaps in some BIOS setting...; those would be more in line with temps encountered running 1000-2000 MHz or so, and not at between 4.5-4.7 GHz.

(My own well cooled 7700K hits 62-64C in BF1 at all-core 4.5 GHz...)

Look at HWMonitor, and run P95, and see what clock speeds, core voltage, and core temps are shown during the 10 min session...
Sep 19, 2018
Okay I will. And... I don't know. The PWR settings are balanced, as you said. I'm using the 8700K at stock settings, but I think when I play it's changing to 4,2 Ghz. I tested it with Aida64 and the temps was max' 68°C. Seems like, the Rainbow run smoothly now but the Battlefield not! When I start the game that runs smoothly, but rarely stutters a bit, It's not so annoying. But when I finish 2-3 match, and go to the rewards screen, the stutters increasing... Sometimes the game just freeze. The RAM usage still 7000-7200 MB. I have an 500W PSU, EVGA and my new Motherboard can't see my primary HDD, so I'm using one HardDrive now. That's a Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM. Thanks anyway. I'll try what you said.
EDIT!: I made a Blend test with P95 and the HWMonitor showed the same: 67-68 °C.
I think my VGA is broken... But it's brand new. Can you send me a good VGA tester? Btw: I use arctic mx4 paste, with an Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo Cooler.