Question Stuttering like hell. Is my HDD the culprit?? should I swap my storage??

Oct 18, 2020
I have an rtx 2060 super, with an i5 9400T and 32 gb ddr4 memory, my SSD was only 240 gb and I needed a new storage..
I didn't care about loading times, so I removed my SSD and installed it in my old PC and installed a new 1 TB HDD..
And that is where this tale started ,I could play games that transferred the whole game files into my memory before playing without stutter ...small games like disintegration and csgo ...

But open world games stutter so badly ,so the stutter comes (opened task manager) when the disk is being used by the game.. like when disk usage by the game is 0% no stutter.. when it just goes to 0.2 % -20% huge affected:rdr2 ,gta 5 ,watchdogs 2,final fantasy XV.
So I am somehow sure its the HDD..

Adding to this...I was more sure yesterday when I bought FIFA 21..It stuttered when loading the match when training in the beginning.. after that ,in the match, there was no stutter ,which means the game files are now in the memory.. So what I have to clarify is that do I have to change my HDD ,or can you guys guide me the cheaper way.. like a software that repairs the HDD ,and removes the stutter...
(you may say that an HDD is not good for gaming, But it only affects the loading time,right?)



What rpm speed is the hdd?

7200rpm is usually ok but some games, especially open world, can load assets on the fly. SSD in this regards helps a lot, not just for preloading games/ levels.