Question Stuttering on every PC! Please help me.

Nov 9, 2020
Hello Guys,

So this is going to be a longer story, sorry for that.

It all started when my 7 year old PC started to stutter in League of Legends.
At this time i had a GTX 1060 in the pc and wanted to upgrade for a long time. So i bought myself a RTX 2060 super. For 2 weeks everything was running smooth but then the same stuttering was happening again.
I was thinking "well, PC is pretty old let's buy a new one".
I choosed the components for the new PC and recieved it pre build by a online service.
For the first weeks everything was running smooth, but then after a few weeks same thing happened, stuttering! Almost only in league of legends.
From there i started to rule out components as the only things that went into the new PC were the RAM, GPU and the Monitor. I bought new Ram a new monitor and the RTX 3070. Still stuttering!
I cant play league of legends with a RTX 3070!! Well. I tried everything now.
Drivers, Reinstall Windows, disable several things in hardware manager, monitoring my whole PC if its running too hot. But nothing.
Everything should be working right.
Today i plugged in my gaming laptop without screen etc and i had the same stuttering!!! I then thought it could be the internet. No package loss. No ping spikes nothing.

Guys, i dont know anymore. Please help me to find a solution. Im mentally done. This PC was so expensive and it didnt solved anything.
Tell me what to do and i provide any necessary info to find the issue.
You are literally my last hope.


Intel i9 - 10900k

32gb ram @ 2666mHz ( 4x8 GB ) ( Crucial Ballistix )

RTX 3070 Zotac Twin Edge OC

z490 vision d gigabyte motherboard

850w Corsair PSU


  • updating driver
  • clean booting windows
  • power plan settings ( i need to play in balanced mode, otherwise windows overclock my CPU even on idel to 5,2ghz!
  • deinstalling several programs known for causing troubles
  • different keyboard and mouse
  • old monitors
  • latency mon / there is latency. i can post more infos if needed.
  • why so slow? / bios hat a latency of 800ms !
  • RTSS settings, GSYNC settings etc
  • reinstall GPU driver several times with DDU
  • reinstall league of legends several times
  • switched ethernet cables, also tried wlan
  • monitoring my hardware, everything seems normal, but im not a pro

Thank you for the help. Really appreciate it!