Question Stuttering, screen tearing and choppiness ?

Jan 16, 2023
This just started happening one day, it was not like this before, games were smooth as butter
( could be wrong but from what I remember it was after a windows update )
2 Main problems :
  • Stutters take place every 3-4 minutes, image freezes for ~ 0.5 sec
  • Very bad screen tearing / choppy feel ( 240FPS feels like 144FPS )
My system : 2080 / 10700k / 32Gb 3200Mhz / 650W Corsair PSU ( no overclocks except XMP )
240Hz Aorus KD25F monitor with DP 1.2
Thermals are good ( 70C load, 30C idle - CPU / 62C load, 36C idle - GPU )
Issue is independent of load from what I have tested and occurs in every videogame, here s what I have found by testing 2 games :
  • Tested apex legends and a random low end game that runs at very high speeds and should run smooth on most high end builds
  • V-sync fixes the tearing/choppy feel all together, but it's obviously not ideal since it was running smooth before, with it off
  • Tearing and choppiness occur the same even with the fps capped at the refresh rate ( tested constant 240FPS and 237FPS, both at 240hz ), which should not be as noticeable, at least, since the games are not dropping frames
What I have tried :
  • Disable windows gamebar
  • Enable high performance power mode
  • Update Nvidia drivers
  • Change Nvidia control panel setting to basically Esports tier of optimization
  • Reinstalled windows clean
I will try using a different DP cable and see if that makes a difference but outside of that I don't know what more I could do. Also if I were to test individual hardware components what should I test / get rid of first? Should I rule out software issue after the reinstall?