Question Stuttering very baldy in all the games, please please help

Sep 24, 2019
I recently baught a laptop called acer nitro 5
Specs : it has. Hhd, gtx 1650 is the gpu, ryzen 5 3550h is the processor, 8 gb ram, out of which 5.9 usable
I have also noticed that my disk in task manager is usually 100%. While playing it is constantly 100% Only. Please help me. I get 130, 120 fps but my fps suddenly go to 6 or 5 in fortnite, this thing happens very frequently
Aug 10, 2020
Either your disk is slow (5400 rpm ?) Or bad driver or your laptop bios is in a primitive disk mode. It sounds like its fast most of the time but another process is taking it away from your game. Disk "thrashing" also occurs if there is not enough RAM, the operating system is using RAM for caching the disk and some of the disk as pretend (virtual) RAM and spends time swapping data in and out of the hard drive. Both Antivirus and Virus can take over your drive. Could you have recently installed a new program. Use the recovery console to go back to before this happened. Acer comes preloaded with lots of "junkware" could be one of those programs. Run MSCONFIG.exe allows you to turn off parasite programs.
3 things.
  1. HDD
  2. ram
  3. paste/thermals
1. HDD drives really struggle when it comes to swap, low ram means your hdd needs to work extra hard, and it's not keeping up as you see on games.

AN515-51, AN515-52 & AN515-53 (Intel)NVMe PCIe, SATA
AN515-41 & AN515-42 (AMD)SATA

You have support, you can throw cheap m.2 ssd and use it for OS for A LOT, like 50x faster storage and 95% less lag.

2. low ram and even worse low available ram means both cpu and disc gets extra hard work. RAM is a way for other components to avoid pointless work, which results in way better performance. (up to the point where all components get enough ram, then you see no gains)
What you want is to go to bios:
When your computer powers on, tap the "F2" or other noted key repeatedly when the green Acer logo appears on the screen to enter the BIOS.
What you should see:
you want to look for GPU and this line:
Usable Memory Size - 2048 MB
and set your integrated gpu to use second from minimal ram, (128 or 64 MB or 256 MB)
It enough for no lag in windows while games will get extra 1.5GB which will go a long way for you.

2. extra IF you want to squeeze all you can from that laptop, you need to replace ram with 16GB. if you want to follow that route, check your ram config with videos like ifixit <laptop model> from youtube.

3. it does not help that laptop is probably dusty and hot. If you care, follow tutorials on cleanup in laptop.

If you still struggle, disable EVERYTHING in background before you play. every MB of ram counts for you.



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