Question Stuttering when using DisplayPort.

Aug 2, 2019
As the title suggest, that is the major issue that I am having. For the longest time, I was able to play games like the Witcher 3 and Black Ops III without issues. Well, later on I got a DisplayPort cable and plugged that in, that way I could have a multi-monitor setup. I didn't really have any issues at first. Some stutter in Mass Effect Andromeda, which I was able to fix. Some in Anthem, which I was never able to figure out. Well, I tried Black Ops III a couple months back and have been having this stutter issue. It stutters for a fraction of a second. The frametime spikes essentially. The same issue with The Witcher 3, Forza Motorsport 7, and Black Ops 4. Well, I took my other monitor out of the mix to try and narrow things down. Both have been tested and provide the same results. However, if I unplug DisplayPort and plug in HDMI, the stuttering in all of my games is gone. Which is less than ideal, because I have a Acer Predator XB271H Abmiprz (144Hz, 1080p, G-Sync) monitor. That requires DisplayPort to be able to take advantage of those features. I've tried disabling G-Sync, turning the refresh down to 60Hz, and lowering games settings. Problem occurs on both monitors when I use DisplayPort and goes away on both when I use HDMI. I've tried using Nvidia Control Panels V-Sync, and capping the framerate with RivaTuner. My temps are stable and never exceed 85 C (uncapped FPS) and 65 C on my CPU. I've updated my drivers, done fresh install of Windows. I don't have a ton of background processes running. Just the essential ones like Razer Synapse, iCUE, and Logitech. I've tried disabling in-game overlays. I've turned all of my overclocks off. I've booted my PC into Safe Mode and uninstalled my Nvidia Driver, and then reinstalled it. It still persist. Like I said, once I use HDMI after restarting the system, the stutter is gone in all of my games. I've tested three DisplayPort cables now. I've tested each port on my GPU. I can't figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.

My specs are listed here:
CPU - Intel i7 8700K @ 3.7 GHz
RAM - 16GBs of DDR4 2133 MHz
750 W Corsair Gold Rated Power Supply
SSD - SanDisk 250 GB
HDD - WD Blue 1 TB
Cooler - Corsair H115i Pro
Motherboard - Asus Z370 Prime-A


Jul 25, 2016
So, I'm not a genius when it comes down to this.

-Maybe try downgrading your drivers to the point where you're certain you didn't notice any stuttering.
-Are you playing games on all three monitors or just one? Maybe, the third monitor is just too much for your system, altho I can't see that as a problem since your system should handle those well enough.
-Maybe your displayport cable is faulty and you should try another displayport cable. This is what I think is most likely the problem.
-If possible, don't use displayport, but another cable instead that doesn't give you the stuttering. But I read that you can only get the wanted results with displayport. But if possible, use another cable.

Maybe this thread might help you: View:
(if you haven't read that one yet)

Good luck!
Aug 2, 2019
Thanks for sharing that link to me. Unfortunately, I have already come across that forum and tried to mess with the Pre-Rendered Frames like it suggest, but to no avail. Also, I will mention I have tried using multiple DisplayPort cables. Three. And I only game on one monitor, while the other is just for multi-tasking. But I've tried doing the testing even with only one monitor being used. I can't remember when I started noticed stuttering, because I recently switched to DisplayPort. For the most part, it doesn't happen in all games, but certains ones, it does for sure. But even if I disable G-Sync, lower the refresh rate to 60Hz, the same games will still stutter. Then I plug HDMI in instead, and it fixes the issue.