Nov 22, 2019
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First my spec :
I5 2500 ( bought from 10 years )
1050ti (2 years )
1x8gb ram ( bought from 10 years too)
Wd hdd black 1Tb (10 years too)
Wd hdd blue 500gb (10 years )
Evga liquid cooling

OK my proplem is when i play my games
(Fortnite , battlefield 1, titanfall 2 , destiny
Cs go ,the division )
And when watching YouTube
My fps drops from 60 to 58 , 57
I have this issue from 2 years
And i cant fix by anything
I tried v sync on and of didn't fix
And update Windows and gpu
Please help me
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Are you monitoring CPU/GPU/RAM utilization?

A drop from 60 to 58-57 shouldn't be a deal breaker...?

The 2500 is certainly showing it's age - and you're listing games that are more CPU bound than anything else.
Chances are, your 2500 is maxing out at 100%.

Being a locked sku, you don't really have much you can do there... other than ensuring no other programs/applications are running etc. A clean OS install likely wouldn't hurt either, depending on how old your OS install is.

You'd probably benefit a little bit from dual channel (2x8GB, even 2x4GB) over a single 1x8GB and that's a very cheap upgrade in 2019.... but you're dealing with a ~9 year old CPU... it is what it is.
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Nov 22, 2019
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first yes i use msi afterburner

then I know that drop isn't very big in fps game and comp its can make you lose a lot of shots

I know i5 2500 is old for these game but I saw in youtube some guys have the same
components and playing without stutters 😓

and most of the games my CPU usage doesn't reach 70%

no programs are running in background

I have formatted and downloaded a clean install for win10 (4 times)

and I am going to buy 2x8 1600mhz ram in black Friday
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