Question Stutters in games (PC)

Dec 27, 2020
Hi, i have been experiencing irritating stutters in some of my games Especially LEGO games and i am just confused on why they stutter.

I have tried everything and looked online and have noticed people having similar issues but these aren't the most recent. Another interesting point is e.g lego batman 2, when i go into the batcave in the free roam it lags in the exact same areas, and also when i'm flying around gotham city it none stop stutters.

I have tried capping my fps to 60 and still didn't help, soi just think it is the game. It also happens in lego lord of the rings in the same spots.

I also have lego star wars the complete saga and indiana jones and they work fine so im not sure.

SideNote:alot of my other games can stutter when going into a new area or something but again i have seen similar thing by watching someone else play them.
Game That can have stutters:
Star Wars fallen order( The stutters happen in the same spots again)
Cyberpunk 2077( This game obviously has known issues anyway)
Fortnite ( I've seen loads of people with bad fps in this game)
7 days to die ( I think this game has pretty bad optimisation anyway but i have lowered my view distance which has helped slightly)
MW Warzone ( Very light stutters in game )

i'm pretty certain it isn't my hardware because i have just recently changed my gpu from the 2060 super.
My Specs:
RTX 3070
I7 9700k
16gb ram 3000mhz

240hz monitor gsync


Jan 6, 2014
Might be because your PC is way too powerful for the game itself. I have similar problems when I play league of legends because it's designed to run on trash PC's. You tick all the boxes to play any game right now on your 1080p 240hz monitor including cyberpunk.

BTW I play cyberpunk and I get some laggy feelings in the main city, how about you? But overall it's a smooth experience.

Also did you double check that you're not running your monitor/Windows 10 in HDR mode? this can have an effect on your FPS, especially in fortnite where you do want your smooth 240 frames.

Overall though it's genuinely just the games optimization of games and I too expected perfect non stutter frames too, but it turns out good PC's get them too lol
Dec 27, 2020
Thanks For The reply. And yes i agree that yes, it depends on the games optimization because some of these stutters can happen in the same spots and it is a shame especially in the older lego games for me that they don't run the best on PC.

Also i am not using HDR mode.
Feb 24, 2021
I have before had a similar issue and i noticed that it was my actual Hard-drive at the time had issues.

If you have multiple HDDs or SSDs you could try and move a game to another drive and see if the problem persists?