Question Stuttery gameplay even with High FPS


Jan 15, 2017
Hello, I've been having issues with my PC for a little over a month now. Games feel choppy and not smooth at all even though my FPS is constantly High with no visible drops. It does depend on the game though, Minecraft, CSGO, Shatterline are virtually unplayable. League of Legends, Call of Duty MW2 are not as bad. Games still feel "off" but not nearly as bad as the previously mentioned games. Audio does not cut out during any of the stutters AFAIK. PC has also randomly completely frozen, weirdly always in League of Legends, Discord audio still went on a few seconds after freeze until I would have to force shut down PC and reboot it.
Specs :
-CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x3D with Noctua Fan
-GPU: rx6800xt
-1000GB WD RED 700SN NVME2.0 SSD
-RAM: 3200Mhz 8x2 gb Corsair
-Motherboard: X570 Aorus Master
-PSU: 850 Watt Gold+ Corsair

Things I've tried so far;
  • Checked temps and reseated GPU , CPU and RAM
  • Tried new Motherboard
  • Installed latest driver updates and chipset updates
  • tried a clean install of drivers with DDU
  • Complete fresh install of windows on a new SSD
  • Bought a newer PSU
  • Turned SAM on and off
  • Undervolted GPU
  • Different monitor with different DP cable
  • Tried different Ram Sticks with XMP enabled and disabled
  • Turned off game mode and all of windows weird gaming settings.

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Jan 15, 2017
Hey there

Bios update? if so, did you clear CMOS afterwards?

All system drivers, including chipset up to date? DDU to uninstall GPU driver?

Ram tested outside of windows with memtest86+?

Which exact Corsair gold PSU? This is important.
Hi, thank you for your response, Yes 2 all of the above and the PSU is RM850 -80Plus Gold Fully Modular PSU