SU7300 1.3ghz 3mb cache VS Core 2 duo T5300 1.73ghz 2mb cache


Feb 6, 2010
Hi All, I was just wondering how good is the su7300 processors and as compared to core 2 duo T5300 series, which is better and is the difference significant? Im planning to get a new notebook and in case the ulv series is slower than my current notebook, then i might as well get those normal core 2 duos...

sufi you need to think about what you most use your lappy for.

If you want a long battery life and you use simple applications that are not hungry power users then look at a ULV series notebook ... perhaps a model that even takes a second battery, or is a real power miser in terms of design (small screen, slow HDD, and ULV CPU).

If you mainly plug it into the mains power, and want more grunt then look at a fast dual core or even a quad core.

The newer i3 and i5 CPU's which are out now are even more efficient than the core2's ... as they have the graphics chip on the die ... right next to the CPU.

Plus the i3 / i5 are based on the newer Nehalem architecture .. so are a bit more eficient (have a higher IPC for the same clockspeed).

Albeit not so cheap as the core2 ... or handpicked ULV CPU's.

Here are a couple of links to help to decide:

New Core i3 mobile range

New Core i5 mobile range