Sub £300 windows laptop advice

Jun 21, 2021
Hi i want advice on buying a sub £300 windows 10 laptop. I have a chromebook already and want a windows 10 laptop for web browsing, low end emulators and minecraft etc. one laptop i was considering is the gemini iv laptop from pc specialist ( for £224, it has a n4100 celeron processor and 4gb ram. i want a laptop with a good 1080p screen aswell does anyone know a great deal? Thanks.


For Minecraft, a low spec system may need to run at low settings, and may even need the low spec optifine mod added. You are much better off buying a used system with higher specs and build quality than a cheap new laptop.

I like the Lenovo T series for 2-300, the T440 or a T450 may be found in about that range.