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Question Sub-400€ All-round Monitors with a dash of FPS Gaming

Apr 5, 2019
Hey, I'm looking for a monitor that I can use for my animation workflow (and other related activities) and that could also be used for ocasional FPS gaming.

Availability (and Budget) - Europe (sub-400€)

Usage - Animating, 3D Modeling/Rendering, video edit etc... I also like playing games like overwatch so I would like something that wouldn't ruin the gaming experience.

Screen Type - IPS or VA. I wanna prioritize work and the viewing experience so I need something with good colors and viewing angles at the cost of superfast response times.

Resolution - Looking for 1440p.

Screen Size - 27" (preferred). I am used to a 24" monitor. I feel like it is a bit small and will feel even worse when I intensify my workloads, what do you think? Is bigger better for working?

Refresh Rate - 75Hz . 60Hz will be fine but I am shooting for something that will have the best of both worlds.

Budget - 300€. Originally intended to spend only 300€ but I can go a bit higher to 400€ if there is something that justifies the price bump. (

I am Studying Animation and I am slowly having more workload. From Drawing to Editing to Color Grading a bit I'd like a Display that doesn't need to be overly accurate but that will at least guarantee that I am not seeing wrong colors.
I also would like it to be fast enough that it won't ruin any Gaming experience.

I also see that brands are launching new models now so this made me a bit more confused on what to get.

This being said is there or will there be a monitor that fits my needs?
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Apr 5, 2019
After some research I found a few monitors that check some of my points:




And then there is the whole LG UL/UK lineup that has me very confused. They all szeem very similar on paper and have largely varied prices between all models. There are 2 that I have found in my country at a price I can afford:

LG UK-650 ( 399€)
LG UL-550 (269€)
LG UK-850 (439€) - this one is a bit outside my price range but is this an amazing deal i shouldnt miss?

I wanted 1440p but these seem to check some of the other points too. Are any of thesse good monitors for working in animation with a dash of fps gaming?