Sub-$70 USB 3.0 Flash Drive in the Works

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I have a request for toms, to test the performance of this drive on a USB3 and USB2 port!
In the past I've seen an interesting article of some tests done with Esata/USB2 flash drives.
These drives are excellent for running XP, or a Ubuntu operating system on (with some tweaks).

I'm planning on upgrading my Ubuntu to a larger in size version, and install more apps, but need a good drive for that.
I'm planning on setting up a low power, cheap HDTV station, as well as a file/print server and hardware router without the noise of HDD's or fans.

Currently a modded EeeBox with SSD would be best, but I'm looking into alternatives that run from a USB stick, as SSD's are faster but also more expensive.

A few articles on the power requirement specs, speed specs, iops on usb3 and usb2 ports I'd really want to see!

So pls, if anyone of toms reads this post and is willing to test this drive versus some of the esata usb sticks out there and write an article of some benches I'd really appreciate!



Prices will be slashed in half within a few months of the initial release. Competition will probably be faster too by then.

I'm always looking for the best spot to buy. I don't wait forever or until the next best thing, but I NEVER buy the new stuff that just came out. Been burned too many times with undercooked product that need 10 patches, new bioses or firmware, plagued with incompatibility or poor performance. All that for twice the price I will pay if I wait just a little.

I'm about to get an ATI 5850. I *COULD* have bought it in November 09. But... when Fermi is out in March, that should put some competition back into the GPU market and lower prices, more refined bioses have already been released, driver have definitively matured, yield and overcooking are now better etc...

6 Months wait to get much better for less. I call that smart buying.


Feb 23, 2009
SSD prices are plummeting fast. By this summer you will be able to buy them for under $1 per Gig.

Set yourself up an account at SLICKDEALS (its a Wikipedia for bargain hunting) and watch the prices on SSD's by setting yourself up an ALERT for SSD's that sends to your email.

In just a few weeks I have watched the prices on these things drop by half.
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