Question sub freq oscillations causing speaker damage and wobble from laptop ?


May 21, 2014
hi i am not sure if this only just started or i just never noticed before but i think i would have.

if my software sound source is low and I turn up the volume on my external hardware mixer it raises a horrible super low freq bass tone that make my speakers drivers wobble in and out violently..

its so sub that I cannot hear it

my speakers are both blown now probably because I was pumping them with YT volume low and my mixer turned up and not noticing this (i was drunk and... techno)

it is definitely only my laptop causing this and appears to be any software not only YT

is it just hardware design? its a Dell 2 in 1 7306

I mean from a sound engineering perspective its totally unacceptable and shocking that this is allowed but 90% of people will not notice unless they put through large speakers and have the software volume low and crank further down the signal chain

from a IT perspective its kinda understandable that they have this horrible noise coming off of the mother board, just this is very dangerous imagine if this was going through a huge PA at a gig

i might buy a super cheap usb sound card like a behringer one