Oct 5, 2012
Hi Everyone!
I've been having network problems for quite some time now in a medium sized network i manage. I think i don't have enough IP addresses as there are so many mobile devices nowadays.
I use a Linksys RV042 dual wan router, which works like a charm.
My network is 192.168.0.x, and my subnet mask currently is
I would love to be able to have the addresses for static addressing, and for dynamic addressing (DHCP for wireless addressing and others).
If i have 500 ip addresses available, i won't have any problems for quite some time...
I might need to subnet my network, or maybe it's something else i should do in order to accomplish this.
Any suggestions will be greately appreciated!

Thanks for reading :)


Just for a little different thinking, if you have enough mobile devices on your network to worry about enough addresses and are not using commercial grade APs (like Cisco Aironet) the problem may not be the number of addresses, but the number of radio connections that your APs can handle. What model APs and how many are you using?
The easy solution is to just change the subnet mask to be /23 ie
Then define the DHCP pools to exclude the first 255 addresses.

Used to be you didn't want to use large networks because of the broadcast traffic but now networks are so fast the broadcast traffic is a very tiny percentage.