substandard customer service - - what do I do?



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This is my first "negative" post here regarding Gateway. I have previously
been extremely happy with Gateway and their customer service.

On Feb. 25th I ordered a 710X, and it still isn't here. I have spoken to
literally 10 different employees since then regarding the status of my
order. Of these, 4 were supervisors and one was even a "supervisor's

My complaint isn't specifically that I don't have the system after greater
than a month, it's more to do with the contradictory information that I get
depending on who I talk to. Most recently, I spoke with a supervisor 3 days
ago who told me that everything but my DVI cable was in and would be shipped
yesterday. I called back yesterday and spoke with another supervisor who
told me that everything was on backorder.

Gateway has given me 5 different arrival dates for my system, and it still
isn't here.

I asked to speak to someone in management to file an official complaint, and
I was told there was no such department. She was going to make a note in my
file (like that would make one bit of a difference).

I don't post here to just bitch and moan..I'm hoping someone can give me an
insight, a contact number for someone at Gateway who can actually do
something instead of making a note in my file. I've got too much time
invested in this order (and frankly it's a good deal) to just cancel it now.

Thank you for any advice,



Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000 (More info?)

Most likely that your order is being held up due to out of stock situation
on Gateway monitors. Call your sales rep and revise your order. Ask for a
Viewsonic in lieu of the Gateway branded monitor. Also ask them to make the
monitor a separate line item . That should at least release the tower to

Unfortunately the phone number you seek does not exist. Since the
outsourcing of the support functions arrived, the person on the phone (no
matter how high you go) can only do what is in the scope their directives.

Try the e-mail to ted.waitt@gateway,com. He does not answer the e-mail but
has a team that monitors that address. If that team has not been taken over
by eMachine personnel, you may get a response.

Good luck!