Question Sudden BSOD error, every BSOD crash is a different error code

May 23, 2023
Before I tell you about what happened, I'll tell you my setup:
AMD Athlon 3000g
2x8gb Kingston Fury 3200mhz
Rx 580 2048sp
Inplay 450 watts psu
Windows 10

So I was watching videos then suddenly my monitor flickered, I got a pop up window saying that I need to restart my system, so I restarted it but suddenly, it won't boot up, no matter what I do. I tried reconnecting the cables unplugging and plugging them but still no luck. So I've decided to have a fresh install of windows 10. After installing I thought that it was over, then suddenly a BSOD error. I waited for my system to reboot but it just keeps on rebooting. Then another BSOD error but with a different stop code and it just keeps on repeating, restarting the BSOD error with a different stop code. Each BSOD error have different stop code. There was this one time that I just got transported to the bios saying that my bios is damaged, I tried flashing ut but still no luck, just BSOD here, BSOD there and everywhere. I don't know what's causing this. Can any one help me? I don't know what to do anymore.