Question Sudden CPU Overheating Error

Oct 22, 2020
It started with a loud chugging noise coming from my desktop. After investigating I discovered its coming from the power supply fan.
Cleaned it (and every other bit), but afterward it developed a CPU Overheating Error.

During BIOS setup, the CPU heats to 85C at a rate of .5 a second. Then it stops and hold steady indefinitely . The heatsink is set to its highest setting, changing it to low causes no changes in CPU as if its set to 85C. Which I find unlikely if my cooling system was failing.

I feel no heat from the CPU physically and the computer itself is reporting the lowest case tempt in months.

I confirmed that the heatsink is properly attached and tightened down, I can also feel the hot and cold air cycling through the tubes, see the fans spinning and hear a change when I change its setting for high to low.

The computer can start and run normally with no lag or increase case temp, however running a game does show lag that wasn't there prior.

I'm personally at a lose with my only idea being maybe the BIOS got corrupted and the thermostat is set too hot.