Question Sudden crash and system instability


Jan 2, 2017
Hi, I asked a question a couple of weeks ago about a system I had built that was very unstable. The cause was the fact I was trying to reuse a drive and a windows install from a Dell PC. After backing it up and reinstalling completely windows, the system was much more stable and after extensive stress testing on my end, I gave it back to my dad for who I built the system in the first place.

My stress testing was about 5hrs long and had a couple of 3DMark runs and a lot of web stuff as my dad mainly works with web based apps, but even if my testing was successful and I had no issues, my dad reported getting the same issues as when we were using an inadequate windows install, that is :
  • Sudden crash, no blue screen
  • System hang, then crash, no BSoD
  • After sudden crashes, when booting back, the BIOS has a weird green noise on the whole screen, but also focused on lines, until windows loads
Here are the specs :
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3400G (Stock)
Mobo - ASRock B450M-HDV R4.0 (Updated BIOS)
RAM - 2×8GB G.Skill Aegis F4-3000C16D-16GISB (@ Default 2133)
SSD - Crucial BX500 1TB (Was cleaned in BIOS before Windows install, only non-new part, 6 months old)
PSU - Corsair CV450-450W
CPU Cooler - NH-U9S
Case fan - Scythe Kaze Flex (×1)
Case : DEEPCOOL Matrexx 30

I'd like to know what might be the cause of this instability. My dad mainly works using web apps, is using a 4k monitor, uses wallpaper engine (or would like to). The objective of this build was to provide him with a system a bit more modern than an old Optiplex and also not have an afterburner on max throttle next to him whenever he fullscreens a youtube video.

I have multiple monitors running right now to see what peaks before crashing, I'll add my findings to the end of this post when I get them. That being said, my dad said that the crashes are extremely unpredictable. He could be working on something and get a crash, and the next day get to the same point and be fine...

Here's an image of the graphs when idling
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