Question Sudden Death of PC

Jul 15, 2019
Hey everyone, I have an older system, about 6 years old. It's been in actual use for about 2-3 years. Last year the PC decided to suddenly die on me.

What would happen is that the PC would shut down by itself and then restart. This would happen randomly at first, but as it kept reoccurring the intervals Inbetween shut downs would get shorter until it just wouldn't boot.

I don't have a motherboard speaker nor LED. There is no video, and CPU/GPU fans turn in briefly then turn off.

I will list my components later, after work. For now I can only say that the CPU was overclocked and sometimes the power in the house (I don't live there anymore) would cut off due to our credit running out (UK thing).

I have tried another GPU and it would show video briefly, then never again.

Any ideas as how to deal with this? As I would like to fix my PC.

Edit: here are the components

CPU: intel core i5-2500K
PSU: hiper type m 580w (can't see exact model)
GPU: GeForce GTx 960 MSI G4
Motherboard: Z68A-G43 (G3)
RAM: 2x 4GB Vengeance (DDR3 i Think)
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