Question Sudden disk lag consistently (affecting inputs and active window)


Dec 30, 2016
I recently upgraded to Windows 11, just last week. I upgraded a computer that was still running Windows 8 until then, so it's possible this problem would be present in Windows 10 as well. But I know for certain it is in 11, but not 8. As soon as I upgraded, I started noticing a lot of little problems. My audio manager wouldn't work with multiple devices like before, for example. But most of the problems were just minor issues with drivers and adjusting to a new OS. But after a week, the biggest problem I've had is still present.

Periodically, once every couple minutes, the resource monitor detects a massive and sudden spike in my Disk usage (I have six drives on this computer, some SSDs and some HDDs, the individual disks don't seem to spike in the same way as the general Disk usage does). During this spike, my mouse and/or keyboard (it's random what exactly is lagging) will lag, not using inputs for a couple seconds, before the computer emits a single beep and all the inputs I tried to do are finally input over the next second. It's like my computer is processing the inputs for a few seconds, as if even a single mouse movement is too much for my modern overclocked processor.

Notably, sometimes the active window will lag at the same time, but not background windows. If I am running a video on my second monitor, it will continue to play, even as my main window will freeze. This problem will happen regardless of how intense my resource use is, what I'm doing in the background or foreground, or how many drivers I install. It is not a hardware problem of any kind, since I reset my computer to Windows 8 without issue. There is, presumably, some sort of program that is randomly using literally all of my disk resources, that can't be detected in my task manager or anything, only in Windows 11.


Win 11 Master
what are specs of the PC?
Did you check to see if you have newest drivers for hardware?
there could be large differences between 8 & 11.

Sometimes a clean install can help. Upgrading OS isn't same as clean installing it, it was the same case with WIn 10. Often problems after upgrading to 10 from an older OS could be fixed by a clean install.