Question Sudden download speed slowdown... I'm perplexed...


Jun 10, 2013
I am renting an RV next to a house and am using their wifi. Been doing that for a year and getting speeds of around 20 megs per sec. All of a sudden within the last week my download speed has completely gone to crud.

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Upload speed is great, 11 megs per sec, but download speed is like 1 meg, half a meg, 2 megs on a good day.. and I cant figure out the problem. The only thing that's changed recently is a few weeks ago I had to remove my GTX 660 video card because it couldn't take the heat.. my RV has no A/C and I live in SoCal and am just using fans and the video card would overheat and the PC would shut down so I took it out and have been just using the AMD onboard video for a few weeks with no problem.

95% of my internet time is spent playing World Of Warcraft which does not require much bandwidth so its possible this problem has gone on for a while and I just have not noticed.. until I tried to play a streaming video the other day and then checked ookla (speedtest) and have been trying to figure it out since then.

My PC (desktop) has no wifi card so I got one of those dongle thingies which has worked great for a year or so.

What I have tried so far:
  1. checked device manager and looked for video driver conflict.. since I just went from Nvidia card to AMD onboard video, could the old driver be causing problems? I see no evidence of that but I'm still suspicious.
  2. plugged dongle into different USB ports. no change.
  3. unplugged Wireless Gateway (that's what our ISP calls a router+modem in one unit) for 10 sec.. so it would reset.. no change.
  4. installed speedtest app on cellphone, getting 20 megs down speed on that on same wireless connection so it cant be the ISP or router
Just ran ookla again as I am typing this- ping 14 (yay) download 0.33 (are you kidding me?) upload 11.46

5. ran malwarebytes.. nothing found.

Anyone have any ideas? Any help is truly appreciated.

Sean G


Did you use DDU to remove the Nvidia drivers from your system? It should also take out AMD drivers in which case you should reinstall your AMD drivers for good measure with the latest drivers.

Make and model of your wireless adapter? Also what OS are you using?

On second thoughts, what are your specs? List them like so:

Are you certain that the house from which you borrow the internet from isn't employing bandwidth control off of their wireless router?


Jun 10, 2013
AMD A8-5600K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 3600 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
System information just says mobo is MSI but when I start the PC it says "military grade motherboard"
8 gigs ram
1 tera HDD
windows 10 home
Chassis - no idea, bought this used
GPU - using onboard graphics for now
Realtek RTL8188EU Wireless LAN 802.11n USB 2.0 Network Adaptor
Note- in device manager under the wireless adapter there are 8 other sections that say "WAN Miniport"

Ran DDU 10 min ago and removed Nvidia and restarted, no change in download speed

No bandwidth control unless she changed something recently and I doubt she would but I will ask next time I see her. I dont have access to the router except to unplug it to reset it and the owner is very private so she is not going to give me access to the router controls so thats not an option so I hope the problem is with my PC since my phone gets normal speeds. thx for any help.

Sean G

EDIT- removed the USB wireless drivers and the device in device manager and now its working normally once I restarted and the drivers reinstalled... weird... lets hope it lasts.
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