Question Sudden dual-monitor setup issues

Mar 27, 2020
I've been using a dual-monitor setup (Asus VZ229HE and VX229H) for a while now with no issues. A few days ago, I turned on my PC and only one of the monitors received a signal; the other one just had a black screen. My PC worked accordingly, as if only 1 monitor was plugged in. That's issue number 1.

The monitor that was working normally was connected to the PC with an HDMI cable, and the other one with a Displayport to HDMI cable. The first thing I did was swap both cables. Now they both had a signal and I had a dual-monitor setup again! But there is occasional stuttering in windows and both monitors lose and regain signal every once in a while (sometimes every few minutes); windows even makes that device disconnect/connect sound. This is issue number 2.

I already updated my GPU drivers (I'm using a gtx970), as well as reinstalling them. I also tried a different monitor with the initial cable setup and it actually worked (which made me believe it was a monitor problem) but issue number 2 kept happening anyway. So there's the stuttering and reset problem and also the fact that the Displayport to HDMI cable works with 2/3 monitors.

Right now I'm thinking this is a GPU thing, but at the moment I can't test it on a different PC.