Question Sudden ethernet cable not working

Nov 23, 2019
First off I have a 60 ft ethernet cable routed through the attic of my house and my motherboard is an msi x370 gaming pro carbon.

So basically, yesterday morning when I turned my pc on there was no internet connection. This was weird because there was a green light beside my ethernet port (normally red if its not working).

I ran windows diagnostics and it is saying "The intel(r) I211 Gigabit Network Connection adapter is experiencing driver or hardware related problems"

Is this a problem with the motherboard and can it be fixed? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated :)


Windows 10?

Try running Windows 10s' built in troubleshooters. The troubleshooters may find and fix something.

Download, reinstall, and reconfigure the network adapter's drivers.

(Verify that the link is correct.)

Check both ends of the 60 foot cable: one end at the PC and the other end at the router - correct? Try another router LAN port.

Lastly, if you choose to do so - follow the cable through the attic. Look for signs of damage: rodent chews, kinks, something sitting on the cable, a staple or nail that has been pressing on the cable. Any sign of damage.

Make note of the specs printed on the cable - post accordingly.


Any time you have hidden wiring, I recommend getting a simple continuity tester like this -- It can verify that all 8 wires are connected and that you don't have anything crossed. Rodents do love to chew on wires.

If you have the ethernet port on the PC configured to 1GE rather than auto. If just one of the 8 wires loses connection, you lose connection. If you set the PC to auto then at least it will fall back to 100Mb.