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Question Sudden flicker of DELL Inspiron 7559 LCD display

Jun 19, 2021
Hi there,

My near 5-year old DELL Inspiron 7559's LCD display developed a strange issue today - the screen suddenly started flickering (see video below) for no apparent reason - there was no physical damage or any event really, I basically came back from the kitchen to the display flickering like this.

The issue seems to be software independent, as it occurs in GRUB and on both Windows and Ubuntu. I tried connecting a second monitor with HDMI and that works just fine.

I tried unplugging and re-connecting the display cable on both ends and moving parts of it around, with no results. Unfortunately, I don't really have other hardware for cross-testing at hand (short of picking apart my gf's laptop). Is this likely to be a cable issue or is the display giving up, or could this be something else entirely?

Any tips or troubleshooting steps would be appreciated - should I try replacing the cable or go for a new display?