Question Sudden fps drop on two year old computer.

Oct 30, 2022
I have a razer stealth 13 laptop (,aps,137&sr=8-4&ufe=app_do:amzn1.fos.4dd97f68-284f-40f5-a6f1-1e5b3de13370&th=1) and have had mostly fine performance with it over the last couple years.

However, since just a few days ago, it suddenly cannot run any game I have. Whenever I play any game (league, noita, tft), it ran at single digit fps. This fps didn't change at all, even when I reduced graphics settings on the games to the very bottom.

Notably, CPU, RAM, and GPU usage levels are all low when I run games. The computer barely gets warm. I have images/videos of the situation, but don't know the rules on sending them. I tried reinstalling graphics cards, reinstalling games, and making sure power plan is at highest performance, but still am finding no success.
Any suggestions?


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First try and see if your laptop has any BIOS updates pending, then see if your OS is pending updates. Did you try using DDU to uninstall your current GPU drovers, prior to reinstalling your GPU drivers with the latest sourced off of Nvidia's support site?
Oct 31, 2022
I had this "exact" problem. Whenever I was stress-testing CPU utilization dropped to 50% after a couple of minutes running. (before all this my laptop worked perfectly)

Tried everything, the whole time I thought it was a overheat/thermal throttle problem, and probably the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework is cutting half the CPU utilization to bring back the temperatures to normal. Fresh Windows install didn't change anything.

I changed the thermal paste, tried undervolting, changing power settings to high performance (min and max CPU on 100%), but nothing worked. Tried downgrading the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework driver, got a bluescreen loop. Tried tweaking some registries, still nothing.

What fixed my problem (an hour ago) was unparking the cores (don't know if I am allowed to share links or name programs, so, try googling it). No overheating, no issues, no need to overclock, nothing, it just worked like before with base clock speeds and CPU utilization not dropping all of a sudden.

I have no idea how and why this helped my laptop, but it did.
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