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Question Sudden Frame Drop In all Games

May 24, 2020
Firstly I would like to say that I play on a laptop. I play Rainbow Six Siege , GTAV , Apex legends etc . There was no lag or Fps drop before February . I could play any games smoothly with a medium Graphics settings .. But after February, I can't play any type of game with a decent/static FPS . I am facing this problem since februray and still searching for a solution ..
Problem : In any games , 60fps to 20fps suddenly drops.

My Laptop Config :
HP Probook 450 G4 .
Processor: Core i7 7500u 2.7ghz
Ram: 16GB
GPU: NVidia 930MX
240 gb ssd etc.

The Things I have tried : (but didn't work for me)
  1. Basic performance guide for windows 10 gaming.
  2. Checked the temperature while gaming, It was pretty normal. (MSI AfterBurner)
  3. Still tried to lower the temperature with throttlestop , Still the same..
  4. Tried Different Nvidia GPU performance settings.
  5. Updated the latest BIOS, GPU Driver, Chipset , Audio and all other drivers ..
  6. Tried previous Windows 10 pro (1811) and turned off auto update .
  7. Tried to play with low settings in all games.
  8. I tried to play the low spec games like Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare (2007) 2&3 also , Farcry 3 ,So, even in these games I am facing fps drop . I played these games in this laptop with smooth fps.

So, I wanted to attach my DxDiag and Msinfo32 file but I didn't find and options ..
So, I uploaded the files here : https://is.gd/pcfiles