Question Sudden Game Crash then very slow system boot


Jan 6, 2017
I ran into an issue earlier.
First, my system is a Ryzen 9 5900x with a 3080ti, 32GB 3600 Ram, MSI MAG Tomahawk X570S Max Wifi MB cooled with a NH-D15 Cooler.
I was playing a Random Game earlier and the Game just crashes and everything freezes. Nothing worked to clear it so I pushed the Power Button on top of the Case to turn it off....but....It did not turn the PC off as it normally would instantly. It took about 30 secs until it powered off.
Then I pushed it again to start it up, it went thru the Boot Process fine took MUCH longer to boot my system to Desktop and many of my Tray Icons didn't show up until 1-2 mins later. It seemed that Windows was loading everything in Super Slow.
I have no idea what happened.

I rebooted again and it did the same thing. So I waited a few mins and went into the Bios and everything seemed fine there.

Restarted the System again and it's all working now as it should be.

What caused that Crash thou and the slow to stalling reboot during that time? BIOS is up to date. There are now Windows errors.

MSI Afterburner is controlling my Curves at startup too and it looks fine.

Any Insight?