Question Sudden Gpu Tempurature

Aug 3, 2020
My specs :
i5 9400f
Asus Tuf Gaming GTX 1660
SSD 240 HDD 3 TB 1x3
Gigabyte H310m s2h Motherboard
PSU Thermaltake 500W 80+
16 Gb Ram DDR4 8x2 2600Mhz
Case ADR 5041 6 fans Air coling
i've buy this pc before 2 months
i was playing most the games on 1080p at 60fps on ultra performance and the tempurature was 75 at max usage and 35° at Desktop
the cpu tempurature it's normal 50-60° at 100% usage
last week i've heard a noise at the case so i opened and i've see the gpu fans was turning very fast so i opened MSI afterburn and i found the gpu temp 88° the usage was 100% the clock speed 1815 and the fps was droped from 60 to 31 at the same games i played before so i closed the games imedliatly and turn off the PC for 1hour
when i tun it on again i've found the gpu tempurature was 55° at desktop when i entre the game again the tempurature in the game menu was increase from 55° to 88° in 6 seconds and the fps now is 30 max and i decrease the performance from ultra to medium but i've got just 40fps max
i've tried to
scan for virus
restart gpu driver
delete the msi afterburn
formating the pc
remove the other hardrive to low the power
install new windows 10 64bit last ver 2004
install last nvidia driver from official website
Reset the Gpu bios
i don't want to change the thermale pate because the Gpu is new ( 2month usage - 2hour at day )
please give me a solution or anyone have the same problem help me
i cannot return the GPU i know i have 3years warranty but in my country we don't have asus services
sorry for my english i've much mistakes but i still trying to learn it ♥
Aug 3, 2020
From what you describe, it sound like you have an issue with the GPU cooler. If you're lucky it's just the plastic clips holding the heat sink that is slip off.
no i've found the solution the problem is with heatsink the model is very amateur it's like the geforce 9400gt there is no heatpipes the thermal paste after 2 month is end . i change it but no solution
i've tried the games on 720p medium quality and the temp is 70° nice anyway
but in 1080p ultra or high i've got drop frames to 11
some capacitors is burn and the GPu now don't work 100% i'm just using 50%
Asus Tuf and Phoenix is <Mod Edit> don't buy it even with 100 dollar
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