Dec 29, 2012
Hello. I have been using my computer for 1 year now and all of a sudden recently, I have a strange problem
whereby when I'm using my computer, the screen will all of a sudden not be detected and whatever sounds
I was playing before will not be heard through my headset. I figured it was a graphic card problem so I tried using
Intel HD graphic card instead of my AMD Radeon 6700 graphic card. And there was no problem. After I reinstalled the AMD
graphic card after much effort, the problem happened again.

After the problem happened, the graphic card will no longer be detected by the computer until the driver is uninstalled.

How do I solve this problem? :/


Possibly a driver clash! Use driver sweeper and report back. If you are unsure as to how you use driver sweeper, google!

Can we have more specifications about your computer- motherboard, cpu, etc?

Have you got the sound drivers installed correctly?