Question Sudden issues on all USB ports ?

Oct 24, 2021
I just started to have severe USB issues on all ports. I've read back in the spring and summer about the USB connectivity issues plaquing the B550 and 570 boards, but I never had an issue. I'm on the current BIOS which was suppose to fix the issue and tried all other BIOS settings to rectify, but nothing.

All my devices are plugged into a powered USB hub, but I have the same issues plugging them directly into the onboard rear ports.

I'll plug in a USB stick and it will work for 30seconds, disconnect and windows throws an error saying something is wrong with the USB. It will not work again until I reboot the computer.

I have an external SATA that randomly isn't working either, and even if I plug in my XBOX controller or mouse, it shows up in Device manager but will not power on.

I tried a PCIe USB card thinking it was the USB's on the motherboard, but it made the issue much worse having USB devices plugged into it. I also noticed when I disable the onboard USB ports in the BIOS, it also disables blue tooth. Should this be the case?

I tried a fresh install of Windows with the same result. Any ideas? Is the board toast? Everything else works great, no blue screens or anything. Is it possible it's the PSU? Not enough power suddenly?

Is it possible that the PSU isn't cutting it now that the issue seems worse when it has to power the PCIe USB card?

Sometimes the computer won't detect a USB stick but it shows up under devices and printers to safely remove - but not in device manager or computer management. If I reboot the PC and try again it can sometimes see them. And I always get the sound when I plug in or remove a device.
When the PC can't see a certain USB stick, other ones work in the same port. It's so random.

Everything else works great. I've never had a single issue with any games, and the PC has never blue screened in the year since building.

Ryzen 3700x
ROG Strix B550-F Gaming Wifi
32gb DDR4 3600
Radeon 5700xt
Corsair ax850W PSU - About 8 years old.

Any ideas?
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