Question Sudden Lag with both my Wired/Wireless comupters.

Aug 14, 2019
(I live in Korea, so I may have a lot of typos. Sorry for that!)So I'm a little kid who lives in Korea and had a relativly good internet connection. But the internet on my house just likes to go crazy for no reason sometimes. I had a lot of cases where the speedtest website said there was no problems with my connection but I felt definate lag on games such as roblox and just had a harder time connecting to websites, but today when I woke up and turned on my pc, EVERYTHING was refusing to load. Websites act weird as it taking too long to respond, not fully loading, and finally loading when I go back and front with my visited page history., and even then it still doesn't load some assets. Roblox now says thatt there has been a problem starting up and I should try again later, and if I am lucky enough for it to pop up, it is now taking 3 seconds to even pop up, and then mostly tells me that HTTP 400(Guest users are not allowed)/let me in and make me deal with 2-second server lag. Please help(This same lag problem is effecting both my wireless and wired computers.)


Oct 10, 2016
Ask your friends whether they are experiencing similar issues. Hacking can occur anywhere, and does, but the situation in the Korean peninsula may leave the S. Korean system open to "testing" by unfriendly nations. Probably friendly ones will be doing some "testing" too.

If you're having the issues on completely different desktops laptops chromebooks, whatever, then you might put in a call to your internet service provider.

In the U.S. we have services like down detector which provides a map of areas with higher than usual connectivity problems. Note the small map on the link, if you click on it you will get a detailed map of the U.S. you can just zoom in. And you should zoom in because many of the outages are much more localized than you would think from just looking at the U.S. map.

I don't know of any such service for Korea but there probably is one.