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Question Suddenly Got Low FPS in All Games

Mar 9, 2020
Well, basically the title but it has a long backstory so bare with me here and let's star.
So my cousin and I wanted to play Minecraft on the 1.16 update and we did it with Aternos. I logged in and everything was working but when my cousin logged in 5 minutes later he could barely do anything so he suggested using LogmeinHamachi. We tried a couple of times with him being the host but for some reason, it didn't work and after he begged me for 5 minutes I agreed and I became the host. He connected, but we still couldn't get it to work so we just brushed it off and decided to play egg wars on 1.8.8 on a server. Instantly I got low FPS barely going above 140. It went as low as 50 with a 1080ti, 16gb of RAM and an i7-8700k. I restarted my game and it seemed that I was getting normal fps but apparently not. Each time it went to 144 it instantly frames dropped to around 100 or even lower. I quit it and went on to check if other games were ok. I launched rocket league and it was consistently at 250 with a slight frame drops to 249 but it was all right. A friend then invited me to play Roblox but then after 5 minutes of play I was failing to reach 60 fps and after a bit longer it failed to reach 50 fps. I then asked what it could be and he told me to update my drivers. I did but then it displayed a message that the installation failed but I didn't realize it then. I then go to Rocket League and then what do you know, barely reaches 250 when before I updated the drivers it was fine. Now I am really confused about what is wrong with my PC, is it malware? or is a hardware issue?
Some extra details I have for you are:
Temps are normal as they were before this happened.
I did a scan with Bitdefender total security 2020 and that came clean and then I did a scan with Malwarebytes and that also clean. Should I try another scanner?
Afterburner says that my RAM is not used properly when playing rocket league, and what I mean is that it's used 0 MB of my ram, but when checking task manager it says that it's using 46% of my 16 gigs of ram.
That's all I have for now and I appreciate all help! Thank you!