Suddenly lagging in skyrim?


Jan 10, 2012
I have been playing skyrim (with the HD texture pack) on the settings the Nvidia site gives for my graphics card, which is here:

And until today I have had almost no real frame drops since I have used these settings (I had some problems, but for the last 14 hours of game play, I have had no problems. which was around when I used these settings and the HD pack)

But now, if I play for more than like, 30 minutes, it becomes totally unplayable...suddenly the games loading screens take four times as long, and I get massive frame skips whenever I turn around. My specs are:

EVGA GTX 560ti
Intel i5 2400
4gb ram (2x2gb)
Corsair GS700 PSU

If there is anything else you need to know, lemme know.
check your temps... 20 mins is about how long it takes for the cpu to reach its max temp while playing a game. there is also an issue created by uncompleted quests . if you have an incomplete quest and you do something that will stop you completing it. like killing a character that you need to deliver something to or assasinate at a later date but do it early because you commited another crime and killed your way out of a town for instance. you create a bug. and as these mount up over the course of the game it eventually causes other bugs.

thing is if you kill a needed character you can go back after 4-5 days and he should have resurrected if your lucky. if you then complete the quest it can either create a new bug or allow you to claim your reward and carry on the next string of quests.