[SOLVED] Suddenly No POST on an old system (and yes, I have gone through the checklist sticky) ?


Feb 3, 2021
I need help computer broskies and wizards

my pc has been up for more than 1 and a half years now but it suddenly just didnt want to boot last week.
the first time it happened it took me 3 resets to get it to run but after I turned it off ... it completely died.
no POST but has power.

fans work + AIO (i checked with a stethoscope) + ram lights up + gpu fans work + hardrive spins ...
only thing notable is that there is no Debug led lighting up + i also tried putting in one of those beeper modules and that doesn't beep.
(i checked it with a friend we tested it and im sure the beeper is working)

at first, I thought its the ram so I proceeded to do the ol ram switcheroo and cleaning procedures but it still won't post.
I have another system that has a compatible ram for my ryzen 5600x ... even that did not work (thats a total of 4 ram sticks
plus the debug led on my mobo did not light up.

after that did not work i went and tried the PCIe lanes and i removed my riser that did not work
the reason i went and tried the pcie is because my cpu did not have any integrated graphics.
iirc i changed my pcie compatibility back i built the system so that it will work with old risers and GPU.

this is one of the 2 that i havent touched yet .. since im afraid of it resetting the bios and me having issues
with it ... remember back when we had to update our bios so that it would be compatible with the new amd cpus?
yee im afraid of that happening again and i got the combo of 5600x that doesnt have any integrated gpu with a
motherboard that needs to be updated in order to work when i reset it.
does that happen?
does it revert back to the factory bios version when i removed the cmos?
or it retains the new bios version i installed?

Ill do it once I'm sure ill recover XD

(i tried the cmos drain thingy from the sticky thread)
it still didn't post
(i also tried to put in new 2032 batteries and still didnt post)

i havent touched this as well (i havent reseated it since i dont have any thermal paste with me at the moment)
my system has been running for more than 1 year so reseating it was not my priority when i was troubleshooting
should I reseat it?

my dumbass thought its the psu since ive already broke 4 psu in my lifetime.
i bought a new psu and it turns out it was not the issue.
the new one worked with one of my friends systems and the old one did as well.
the risk i took was calculated but man im just dumb.

i have replaced everything from hdmi + power + display ca + SATA + monitor power cables
i havent changed the psu cables since i know both of them works (as stated above)
plus ive read somewhere mix and matching modular cables is bad

i know the ssd work since i chuck it on my laptop and it doesnt have any issues
im using it rn to write this thread.

things to note:
  • the led debug on my mobo does not work or light up i tried to run my pc without any ram or gpu it still doesnt light up.
  • I know it works before this incident since ive troubleshoot it ever since i got it.
  • the beeper does not work.
  • my pwm fans work, fans are plugged in on my mobo.
i have also tried to run my system out of the case but still have the same symptoms, since ive read somewhere that the case might have caused a short or something.

im asking for your expertise and help peeps ... im at the end of my rope

system specs:
Ryzen 5600x
AIO id cooling frostflow (the old one)
Gigabyte 3070
Kingston Fury Beast RGB | 32GB (2x16GB)
Samsung SSD
850w gold seasonic psu + 850w platinum corsair
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Feb 3, 2021
I just tried this and it really doesnt beep (and im preety sure i did it correctly)
on a scale of 1 to 10 how sure are you with this? ... imma blow the last of my budget on a new board

i ordered an a520 at this point I just want my machine to run my deadlines are all stacking up and I'm running out of funds
ill update you boys but im not sure if the shipping will pull through especially this coming holy week

still open for suggestions peeps if you guys got any tips im still here... willing to try anything since i don't wanna believe that this board is dead ... I know audio chips tends to be snake oils but I really love this one its perfect for cheap humans like me
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Feb 3, 2021
it works now a new motherboard solved it

all this talk about rog motherboards being good and they barely lasted 2 years

my msi bazooka lasted 7