Suddenly shut off


May 10, 2009
I just put together a new build and decided to test out my system on burnout paradise. When I increased the resolution to 1920 X 1080 after about 2 min. of playing the system suddenly shut off. I'm tiring to find out why this happened. I have a Asus p6t MB with 920 i7 cpu, 6 GB Ram and two HD4870 Ati cards that are setup with crossfire. I'm running a thermatake liquid cooling on the processor and 750 watt thermatake power supply in windows 7. I'm worried that maybe the power supply is insufficient? Not sure, any advice? game works just fine at 1680X1050.
one way to test if the power supply cant cope is to remove one gfx card .

I do think you have an overheating problem . Either the psu [ unlikely] or the cpu water block isnt in place correctly or the fluid is low or cavitating .
check the tempertures