Question Suddently have goodgame Empire shortcut on desktop, is it virus?


Jun 30, 2019

I suddently noticed a goodgame empire shortcut on my desktop, the properties on the shortcut show this link

I cant find anything installed other then this shortcut, tried to search and someone say it comes from coretemp, i recently downloaded coretemp, someone claim it to be virus?

What should i do now? Have scanned system with Norton and it didnt find anything.


Win 11 Master
looks to be adware - Empire is a game,browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

It did come with coretemp:
I was just surprised to find the same icon. In my reading I found the following developer notes:
" Version 1.2 - 13th August, 2016
- Fix: Recognition for some Xeon processors.- Fix: Driver load failure on Windows 7 and Vista.
- Known issues: Some systems running Windows 10 Anniversary may still have driver load failure.
Note:With this version I have entered a new partnership with Goodgame Studios, they're a German company who develops free-to-play online games.This installer includes an option to choose whether you want a shortcut linking to their Empire online game website to be put on your desktop or not. As some of you may have had negative experiences with installers including 3rd party garbage, I thought it was important to let everyone know that even if you don't opt-out of this option, the installer will NOT install anything on your system except a *.url file and an icon. "


it seems all it does is installs the icon and it links to a webpage. You can simply delete it.