[SOLVED] Suffering From Display Bleeding Also PC Freezes Sometimes Asus MX239H | RX 580

Jul 7, 2020
Hello Guys,
So I am suffering from a very weird problem that happens like after 3-4 months then it vanishes . Now it started again so what happens sometimes there is bleeding slight green lot of dots in my monitor screen and it gets more visible on darker images videos .

Please help me to find what could be the problem. I changed cable previously still had the same issue. Even without GPU it still shows the dots but the strange part is I used my monitor with my PS4 for last 7 months and I didn't had this problem on PS4.

When it occurs the screen goes slightly greenish and lots of dots like when you have no cable on TV or like kinda matrix.
Also Recently my PC freezes suddenly once like in a week then either its a windows blue screen some driver error or i have to restart it manually or it stays freezing.

Now I am very confused what is the issue. is there anyone else faced the same issue/ Please respond
Any replies will be highly appreciated!
My Config:
i3 8100
Asrock 310M-M.2/HDV
16GB Gskill Ripjaws 2400 ( 8 X 2)
Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB
Antec Neo Eco 550 80+ Bronze
120GB SSD WD Green/2TB HDD Toshiba
ASUS MX239H Monitor