Suggest me a sound card for Speedlink Medusa 5.1 Gamer


Nov 10, 2007

I have this headset


* Ultimate 5.1 sound for gaming
* high-quality microphone
* collapsible padded earcups
* in-line remote with amplifier
* four jack cables utilise the full power of your 5.1 soundcard
* USB connector to power the device
* mains adapter
* phono plug adapter
* including high-quality carry case
* cablelength 3.8m

I have no idea what kind of sound card I should buy for it. I want to get the use of 5.1 sound system. Does the .1 mean that this headset contains a subwoofer?
I would just use integrated. Most integrated cards are at least 5.1 if not 7.1 these days. I doubt you would notice a difference from buying a card unless you had a really nice expensive set of surround sound speakers and an ear for that sort of thing.
Yes it means it contains a subwoofer.