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suggest me good gpu for dota2


Aug 15, 2017
my budgest 80$ 140$

hp workstation z200

game you want to play : dota 2 only


power supply dps 320kb-1A suggest me if i change it or not

[EDIT] Monitor 1440x900 60hz
A 1050 will play dota 2 fine. You may want to consider a 1050ti if you want to play other AAA games.

As for the PSU, your current PSU will be fine with a 1050. Your PSU may not have PCIe cables to provide extra power to video cards, so if you want a 1050ti, you may need to get another PSU. I would recommend this if you go with the 1050ti: SeaSonic S12II 430B


Performance-wise, you would be fine with anything like the GT 1030, RX 460/550/560, or GTX 1050/1050TI (http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/nvidia-geforce-gt-1030-2gb,5110-6.html).

Power-wise, I'm thinking that you're looking at being limited to the GT 1030 or GTX 1050. The 1050TI models usually require PCIe power connectors (which would require a new PSU), & I think the same applies to the RX 460/560 cards...& I'm not sure the RX 550 is low-powered enough either.

I'm assuming you mean that your budget is from $80 to $140 USD. Based on that, both the GT 1030 & GTX 1050 should fit into your price range (GT 1030 on the low, GTX 1050 on the high): https://pcpartpicker.com/products/video-card/#c=396,379,380&sort=price

To be honest, since it's DotA 2, & if your monitor is truly limited to the 800x600 resolution you have listed there. I wouldn't bother with the 1050. Just save some money & get the GT 1030 for now.

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