Question Suggested GPU for this system gaming at 1080p on Mid-High settings.

Dec 24, 2019
I'm looking to gauge what's proper for the system i'm putting together to replace a Ryzen 5 2400g build that used it's integrated graphics. All the titles below were playable at 60fps or better, with the exception of fortnite in all cases at all settings. For the most part i'm just looking to increase stability and maintain that 60<+100Fps while allowing me to kick up texture detail's, etc.
This is the build so far;
Titles I'll be playing on this system are; Tom Clancy R6, CS:GO, Sea of Thieves, Fortnite, Ages of Empires, and Path of Exile.

The Selected XFX RX580 8GB is just what I've selected from my own price hunting, feel free to ignore or validate. A RedDevil RX570 4gb was also considered, again feel free to chime in on it as well.

I'll more than likely be using a freesync compatible monitor so please feel free to factor that in on choices.
Thanks in advance~
I'd stick with the RX580 then. It's a solid performer at 1080p. It was designed for that res, and to max out games at 60-100 fps.

At $160, you won't get much better price/performance.

I wouldn't go for a 570 4gb. Although a pretty decent card at 1080p, it's the 8gb version you should be looking for.

To be absolutely sure you have more than enough GPU grunt, you could look at a RX590, GTX1660/ti