Question Suggestion and question MSI GE76 ( or something else) ?


Jul 28, 2010
TLDR: Does the MSI GE76 12u have gsync support? (close to) Best laptop 12 gen Intel, 1440p display, 3070ti ( оr similar)?

I am in the market of buying a new laptop.
I decided to upgrade to a 17 inch display and suddenly my choices got way way narrower.
I am looking for a new generation laptop, 12 intel or similar. I do prefer a 3070ti and 1440p and suddenly I am totally at a loss. Mostly because I don't like 4k on a laptop and theramals and power for a 3080ti gets me a bit uneasy.
The new ROG SCAR 17 seems great but stupidly enough the lack of webcam is a bit of a dealbraker for me. I use the laptop for work as well.
Razer Blade 17 has no numpad on keyboard... which again is dealbraker. I use it a lot.

The MSI GE76 seems great but I don't find any info on gsync. All these types of laptop are at premium cost so sacraficing something like gsync is another thing I am not comfortable with.
Many 15 inch model seem to have what I need but I am getting older :) and want to try slightly bigger display.
Thank you
Hey there,

So, looking at the options here: MSI Raider GE76 12U – Light'em Up

It doesn't appear any of them support G-sync on the laptop panel itself. However, all those GPU's and the laptops support external monitors and providing you choose the right one, they will allow for Gsync/Freesync. I do it myself with my Omen 15. It works flawlessly.

You would have to pay a premium for a laptop with a native G-sync chip.